{Our beginnings}

Born from a spark of love for parties, Event Floral was founded in 2003, to provide distinctive floral designs and coordinating décor for weddings, events, and life’s special occasions.  Owner and Creative Director, Erin Stoffregen, became a key member of the business early on. What started as a summer job working with founder and original owner, Debra Quillen, soon became a passion. As Erin honed her design skills, she settled into her niche creating the wedding bridal bouquets. The most personal and often specifically detailed item was a perfect fit for Erin’s creativity, sensitivity, and attention to detail. Since 2009, Erin has worked with Deb, assuming managerial and sales responsibilities in gradual preparation for ownership. As of January 2014, Erin has taken ownership of Event Floral, starting a new and exciting chapter for the business.  “As I had been with Event Floral since its beginnings, shared Deb’s passion and vision for the company’s potential, and had helped build and guide its growth, it was a natural fit to make the transition to business owner,” explains Erin.


{Erin’s words}

“Why I love flowers and events specifically: Flowers of course are incredibly beautiful and inspiring. I love seeing new varieties and even seasoned designers, myself included, will stop dead in our tracks on a work day to admire the most perfectly-petaled rose or a rarity like a double-bloom tulip. Beyond that, I am fascinated with the temporal quality of flowers and events. They both only exist for a specific amount of time and can never be exactly re-created. Their beauty is physically short lived, but they can create memories that last a lifetime, that are long-lived and everlasting. Conceptually I am entranced by this ephemeral quality of the near divine opportunity to create beauty, inspired by and directly drawn from nature, designed from a client’s dreams and desires to stand for once in a lifetime–for a specific moment/event–that once over, will live on only in memories and photographs.”

As a fairly recent bride herself, Erin can relate to today’s brides quite well. And, as a young business owner in the floral and design industry, Erin offers many fresh and modern ideas that she is excited to share with her clients. She enjoys the challenge of creating original, unexpected designs that encompass premier styling and quality along with the client’s personality and vision.


Erin’s wedding reception was held at the Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farms  in Rockton, Illinois. You can read about the wedding here: http://orchardridgefarms.com/weddingblog/real-wedding-e-b/

Event Floral is honored to be listed as a preferred vendor for the Pavilion at Orchard Ridge Farm as well as many top local venues including Prairie Street Brewhouse, Franchesco’s Ristorante, Anderson Japanese Gardens, and DC Estates Winery.



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