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Looking to join the Event Floral team?

Our experienced team is dedicated to making our clients’ experiences personalized and enjoyable and always ensuring the highest level of quality and professionalism. We are currently hiring for 2 primary job positions, with the ability to specialize in departments within each broader category: Production Staff/Event Installer and Floral Designer. Please see below for both job descriptions. E-mail resume to info@event-floral.com or submit in person. If applying for Floral Designer, please also submit a portfolio or images representing a brief sampling of your designs. No phone calls please.


Company Overview:

Event Floral is a full-service florist and design studio specializing in custom designed flowers and coordinated décor for weddings and events in the greater Rockford, Illinois area. We believe in providing modern, distinctive design styled from premium flowers and unique décor with a commitment to customer service. We are also a daily and retail florist offering individual floral arrangements for special occasions, funerals, and more, both for delivery or in store pick up.



Position Overview:

The Production Staff/Event Installer is an entry-level position that assists in the production and installation of multiple weekly event orders from small receptions to large-scale weddings, galas and corporate events. There are a variety of focus areas within this position, which can be tailored to an individual’s interests and strengths.


Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Assist in preparation, packing, loading, delivering, installing and picking-up all necessary inventory for any event orders including but not limited to fresh floral arrangements, props and décor items, linens, fabric draping, large-scale rental pieces, lighting, and other items.
  • Drive company vehicles to and from events and venues in a timely and efficient manner to ensure safe and professional deliveries and pick-ups.
  • Manage storage, organization, and use of all inventory, supplies, and equipment in the facility working carefully to minimize damage and breakages.
  • Work with team members to ensure events are executed according to order details.
  • Help with floral processing, preparation, storage, and packaging.
  • Assist with routine and as needed facility cleaning and upkeep.
  • Develop thorough knowledge of inventory, common practices, installation and strike procedures including various venue policies and standards.
  • Interact and communicate courteously and effectively with venue/vendor contacts and clients as required during event delivery, installation, strike, and pick up.
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Willingness to work as a team player and follow management’s direction/input.
  • Ability to work independently to complete work orders and uphold procedures.
  • Ability to complete tasks in a timely manner and effective order, with regard to maintaining an efficient and purposeful pace and meeting any time constraints or deadlines.
  • Capacity to troubleshoot, multi-task, and use logical thinking to problem-solve.
  • Ability to maintain organization and cleanliness of one’s immediate workspace and surrounding areas.
  • Must have a valid Illinois driver’s license and means of transportation, and proof of applicable vehicle insurance.
  • Must be reliable, responsible, and maintain professional appearance and demeanor.
  • Ability to carry 20-50 pounds throughout a work shift and work on your feet for extended periods of time (typically the majority of a work day).
  • Knowledge of general hand tools, small equipment, ladders, carts, etc.
  • Must be comfortable working on a ladder.
  • Availability to work weekend days and late-night weekend evenings in addition to weekdays.

Experience in the event or floral industry preferred, but not required.

Compensation: Hourly. Amendable to seasonal needs; part time and full time positions available.



Position Overview:

The Floral Designer position requires experience in floral design and the ability to conceptualize, sell, create, and care for floral designs for a variety of daily, retail orders as well as large-scale event production of weddings, galas, and corporate events. The Designer is to artfully use their creativity and skills to develop “signature” designs of Event Floral, keeping with and enhancing the uniqueness of Event Floral’s aesthetic.


  • Create single arrangements per client order specifications through larger scale pieces to fit particular spaces or uses.
  • Consistently and accurately replicate a prototype for series or ensembles for larger quantity orders.
  • Become and stay familiar with industry standards in designs and coordinated pricing relevant to order types (for example weddings, funeral, special occasion).
  • Develop and take orders in person, by phone, or digitally.
  • Assist with order updates, adjustments, and payments as needed.
  • Inform manager of any inventory shortages while completing orders and in forecasting future needs. Potential to directly order product needed.
  • Work diligently with awareness of personal and total company workload, in order to complete designs efficiently and within timelines.
  • Learn and utilize company guidelines on flower and hard good costs, keeping care to give value while maintaining profit.
  • Assist with floral processing, preparation, storage, and packaging, tending to flower care and longevity.
  • Keep orderly workspace and take part in overall facility maintenance, alerting manager of any specific needs or issues.
  • Possess and continue to build knowledge of flower varieties, their characteristics, flower care, and selections that are fitting within Event Floral’s design styles.
  • On-site event installation, including delivering and setting out finished designs as well as custom building of floral designs in event spaces for unique installations.



  • Fresh floral design experience (minimum 2-3 years desired)
  • Creative, innovative, and interested in unique, upscale designs
  • Effective communication and customer service skills to interact with coworkers, management, clients, and vendors
  • Willingness to work as a team player and follow management’s direction/input as well as flexibility to adapt to workplace and project requirements
  • Ability to work independently to complete work orders, uphold procedures, and problem solve
  • Valid Illinois driver’s license, means of transportation, and proof of applicable vehicle insurance
  • Must be reliable, timely, responsible, respectful, and maintain professional appearance and demeanor
  • Ability to carry 20-50 pounds throughout a work shift and work on your feet for extended periods of time (majority of work day).
  • Availability to work regularly scheduled week days and as needed weekend days with occasional weekend late evening pick ups.


Compensation: Hourly. Amendable to seasonal needs; part time and full time positions available.


No floral experience, but interested in floral design?

FLORAL DESIGN ASSISTANT positions available, which blend duties of our Production Staff/Event Installer into learning the art of floral design by assisting and supplementing our Floral Designers. A Floral Design Assistant would focus more heavily of the fresh floral aspects of event work such as flower processing and care, design mechanics prep work, simple floral designs, packaging of raw and assembled floral materials, on-site floral installations, and more. Similar job descriptions and qualifications as the above two positions.

Compensation: Hourly. Amendable to seasonal needs; part time and full time positions available.


Event Floral is an Equal Opportunity Employer